Read Books? Why? Use internet!

Suppose you a problem to solve. Then you can call expert and pay them to solve it, or you can solve it by your own.
Now suppose you are a crazy guy and so you choose the second way.
You have to learn how, what, when, why and so on, but most of all you need to find the informations you need.

Few years ago, getting information meant:

  • go to/ask to a teacher/professor,
  • go to a library (school library or city/public library),
  • read/examine an encyclopedia (a paper-made one)
  • select few book titles, go to a bookshop, wait 30-40 days the delivery to the shop and then buy it.
  • read metric ton of books

The key words in this old procedure are “go to”, “wait for” and “read, read, read”.

Now the workflow is based on computer and internet connection:

  • type your problem in a web search engine (google it!)
  • look in you favorite web sites, wikis, blogs and forums
  • thrown a viral question thourgh social networks and chat (messenger, facebook, skype,…)
  • use the information you have got

The new key words are “internet site, blog, forum”, “social network” and “use it”.

The old procedure was too time consuming and the new procedure is often unchecked.
I personally think that a compromise is needed. So i propose this procedure:

  • contact teacher/professor/expert/friend by email
  • google your problem not to find a solution, but to collect sources and key words (just to have an idea of what you need)
  • look in you favorite web sites, wikis, blogs and forums
  • look explaining videos/ video lessons/ video toutorial to quickly memorize information
  • search on online library and check if library (school library or city/public library) has the books you are looking for. Then go to the library.
  • search on online bookshops and buy few books (wait 3-15 days for the direct delivery to your home)
  • collect the information and check it on books (paper and digital ones)
  • when you use the informations, keep a manual handy. You may need it for a quick refence or just to keep a door open or as a flat surface for the mouse.

This compromising procedure should hold the speed of the internet to get the information and respect the fisiological learning time of the uman brain.

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One Response to Read Books? Why? Use internet!

  1. paolog says:

    Books as a medium to store information are on the way to obsolecense the way clay tablets and the cuneiform script have gone. But books were helpful to give a physical place in our world to information stored in our brains (associating things to remember with physical things is a well known mnemotechnical trick). While we transition to virtualized, unphysical information storage media, the challenge is to find new ways to leave a dried flower in a certain page, underline with a certain color, stack books related to a certain topic on the far edge of the desk…

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