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Detecting non-ASCII characters in a text file

Our internal coding standard for C++ source files dictates that 7-bit US-ASCII should be used for file encoding. This decision is based on the fact that the current C++ standard (2003) limits characters that can be used in variable and … Continue reading

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Analyzing and manipulating settings.xml of LIBPF OPC

LIBPF OPC is the LIBPF module that adds plant control system connectivity via the Classic OPC interface (OPC DA). The module is configured using the LIBPF OPC Configurator, but the underlying configuration data are stored in an XML file called settings.xml. … Continue reading

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Step-by-step guide: adding new files to a LIBPF project

Reference documentation is great, but often boring to read and not helpful to solve specific problems that arise in day-to-day use. To tackle these, a step-by-step guide can be helpful. Here is one such step-by-step guide for adding a new … Continue reading

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