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@#!%&$ Windows environment variable sometimes change case

We had this puzzling behavior of a compilation step failing on all our Windows buildslaves, when the same compilation would succeed when performed interactively. After long searching and meditating, we found out. The issue was that Windows environment variable change … Continue reading

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Testing UI with UI scripting: getting hooq to work

We do need to test User Interfaces (UI) developed with Nokia Qt using UI scripting. There is squish of course and other commercial products but we also like to give a try to open source alternatives if available. One is … Continue reading

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The RRSB particle size distribution

In the concrete and coal processing industries the RRSB (Rosin, Rammler, Sperling und Bennett) equation for interpolating PSD (Particle Size Distribution) curves is quite popular. The RRSB distribution is: D=1-exp(-(d/d’)^n) and has this appearance: The name RRSB is used in … Continue reading

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buildbot vs git

If you are pulling code from a git Distributed Version Control System, then there is a known bug in older versions of buildbot, which can hit you if your git version is newer than 1.7.7. This was fixed in the … Continue reading

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