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UIPF compiles under Qt 5

The User Interface for Process Flowsheeting (UIPF) compiles under the almost-alpha Qt 5 (tested under Debian sid): just build Qt 5 from Git, then apply the tips. Highlights: Change the file adding this (we don’t use QtDeclarative): greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4) … Continue reading

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Howto build openssl on Windows

This howto is for building the latest version of openssl (1.0.1) on the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Desktop operating system (Windows 7 64 bit) using the latest Microsoft compiler (Visual Studio 2011 beta), targeting the 32 bit architecture. … Continue reading

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Sieve tray flooding correlation

The correlation of Fair, J. R., “How to Predict Sieve Tray Entrainment and Flooding” Petro/chem. Engr., 33 (10), pp. 45–62 (1961) also cited in Perry, Chemical Engineers Handbook 7th ed. page 14-27  can be used to predict the flooding limit … Continue reading

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