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A robust expression for the Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD)

The Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD) is a deceivingly simple expression to compute the average driving force in heat transfer: LMTD = (ΔT1 – ΔT2) / log(ΔT1 / ΔT2); The ΔT1 and ΔT2 are the temperature approaches, as in this … Continue reading

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xps2pdf, xpstopdf

This article was written some time ago, in the meantime Okular in KDE4 does indeed support the XPS format, but sometimes you get sloppy performances, or you still need to convert files from XPS to PDF for some reasons. Here … Continue reading

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Converting a two-pages-per-sheet PDF to one-page-per-sheet

If you got a PDF scan of a book with two pages per sheet such as this one (BTW this is a manuscript dating from 1449: “Tractato de septe peccati mortali” by Frate Antonino, image copyright Houghton Library, Harvard University, … Continue reading

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