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Git annotate all versions of a single file in one go

LIBPF development team has recently moved from subversion to the Git distributed version control system. The tool is very good and there is quite a lot to learn; today we are sharing a shell script we have written to report … Continue reading

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Programmatically create OpenDocument files

The OpenDocument file formats are great, interoperable file formats for exchanging data with Office Applications. Unfortunately the 728-pages ISO/IEC 26300:2006 “Information technology — Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) v1.0” is not exactly an entertaining reading, and someone wishing … Continue reading

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Modeling and gaming

People involved in modeling are serious guys, who deal with creating simplified abstract views of particular aspects of reality (planetary climate, combustion flames, financial systems….) to build virtual systems to play with. There is another seemingly unrelated community, whose members … Continue reading

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The sizes of the built-in C++ types: an experimental investigation

With the transition from the 32-bit x86 architecture to the 64-bit amd-64 and the increasing diffusion of mobile development platforms, the question “what is the size of an int” pops up frequently. If you want to know what applies to … Continue reading

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Why spreadsheets suck at modeling

Every time I step onto an airplane I shiver at the thought that the engineers who designed it might have used Excel (or any other spreadsheeting tool for what matters) for their calculations. It’s time for a good rant against … Continue reading

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Integrate Plone and WordPress in 10 steps

Plone is the best Content Management System (CMS) around, and WordPress is the best blogging platform in the marketplace. What’s about integrating them ? Now. If your time budget is in the weeks range, there’s a state-of-the art technique you … Continue reading

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Printing duplex on a simplex printer

These instructions are for those of you who are in a paper-saving mood, and want to print on the front and the back of each sheet of paper (duplex or “fronte-retro”), but own a cheap one-way printer. [This was tested … Continue reading

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